Wedding Menu Planning Tips

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Draw inspiration from the memories you have created with your fiancée. What types of restaurants and cuisines do you usually enjoy? Are there dishes you enjoy cooking together? Where have you traveled together—were there particular foods that you really enjoyed eating? Are there foods that are tied to your culture and heritage? The menu is a projection of who you are and what you want to share with your family and friends.


Think about how you want your guests to interact with each other. Food is an important element in how people come together and you can influence how by designing the format. When do you want to incorporate an open bar? Will there be a cocktail reception, and is it a buffet or passed hors d’oeuvres? Will you have a seated dinner with tableside service? Or will it be family-style or buffets and interactive stations? You can choose when you want to incorporate food into your celebration, how it is presented, and the level of interactivity.

Style and Cuisine

Think about the style and cuisine that works for you as a couple. Are you looking for a more formal or casual style? What are your favorite cuisines that you’d like to incorporate into the menu? How does the food tie into the overall theme for the wedding? Consider your guests' preferences and diet restrictions, as well. It’s always good to provide a vegetarian option and a mix of choices for guests.


The simplest way to achieve delicious food is to consider using ingredients that are in season. Beautiful, local produce at the peak of its harvest yields amazing flavors, color and nutrition. You can draw lots of inspiration just by looking at the vegetables and ingredients that are bountiful in your region.


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