The Anatomy of a Place Setting

Setting a beautiful table is like putting together the perfect outfit. Start with the basics: color, form, and texture. Use the season and setting to help inspire your color palette. Define your style by choosing forms such as modern, eclectic, or whimsical. Finally, layer textural elements to add depth and interest to the setting.

Mix textured elements such as a unique fabric with a nice print and natural wood vessels.

A deep, saturated color in the linen such as this beautiful blue tone adds instant drama to your table.

Layer your place settings with subtle tone for the first course plate and a clean neutral for the base plate.

Make it personal by adding a place card with hand calligraphy and a printed menu for each guest.

Limit your color palette to three important tones like we did here with the blue, yellow, and white.

Surprise your guests with smaller floral moments throughout the table and a few lidded jars or vessels filled with sweets for after dinner.


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The Colorscapes collection features organic motifs subtlety interpreted as a tone-on-tone surface decoration. The entire collection is available in place setting components, as well as extensive accessories, to mix and match in your own curated dinnerware collection.

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