Test Tube Wedding Favors: Earth, Seeds, & Water


wedding favors that feature earth, seeds, and water.

A thoughtful bouquet of test tubes filled with earth, seeds, and water to represent the love that will grow with the couple's marriage.

Test tubes are filled with earth, seeds, and fresh water, and stamped with old pharmacists labels. Copy an antique label from a book, cut out all texts, copy again, and fill the blanks with monograms for the couple, the date of the wedding, and ingredients.

Earth, for good ground and a clear heart.
Seeds for ideas, love, wishes, and desires.
Water for realization, recreation, and nourishing elements.

Close firmly with a cork, and glue on your custom labels. Use cupcake liners, ribbon, and string to create an antique layered effect.

Crafts, styling, and photo by Dietlind Wolf.

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