Apis Cera x Invited: Beeswax Soap - 3 per box

Apis Cera x Invited: Beeswax Soap - 3 per box

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We are so happy to partner with Apis Cera to bring you pure beeswax candles made in Provence.

Discover our beautiful and organic argan oil and beeswax soaps.
Cold process in Provence with love. We call them our “sun bars”.

Imperial is an organic soap made from amazing argan oil and beeswax. It is handcrafted and cold-processed.

Majestic is a beautiful soap with organic honey and lavender from the Provence region in France. It is handcrafted and cold-processed.

The argan tree with its broad, shade-providing treetop is one of the oldest trees of the world. Today, argan can only be found in southwestern Morocco, where its forests are designated as a UNESCO biosphere reserve. The argan nuts are hand crushed to retrieve the argan seeds, which are then used to extract the golden oil. Argan oil consists of over 80% unsaturated fatty acids, mainly oleic and linoleic acid. It is rich in natural antioxidants and it gives skin hours of protection while softening.

This lovely box of 3 organic soaps is custom-made to ensure their safe transportation and good conservation. The soaps are delicately wrapped in our bee monogram paper.

Shipping & handling is included in all prices. Orders will ship in 2-3 days from the purchase date. Tracking will be provided when shipped. Items from Apis Cera will ship separately from any other items you purchase in our online store. These sanitizer bundles are available to ship to addresses in the USA only at this time.

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